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"The Earth,
isn't an heritage from our fathers,
rather a loan from our children"

In Fellar we are concerned about the environment.

This is a self-message for all of us who make Fellar every day. All efforts seem little now, but each one is more necessary than ever. So let's all help each other take care of the environment ...

Recicla Ahorra agua Ahorra luz
Manage waste well

Always remember to separate waste by categories, we work with a specialized waste collection service.

Consume just the less water you need.

In taps, showers, cleaning of facilities, tools and vehicles.

Turn off the light if possible

Let's avoid lighting areas without activity.

Ahorra papel

Conduce eficiente

Apaga tu PC
Think before printing

We have digital alternatives to avoid printing documents, let's use them.

Drive efficiently

As important as arrive is get safely. For Environment as well.

Shut down your computer if ins't in use.

Let's turn off our equipment at the end of the day.

Climatiza con cabeza

Se eficiente
Choose a suitable climate temperature

Each degree of more or less involves CO2 extra emissions.

Make an efficient use of machinery

Let's be precise and effective, let's avoid the repetition of tasks.


Code of conduct

A great family, where everyone knows: who is who, what is worth and what is not worth.

We all row the same direction: That of a job well done and without shortcuts. It is undoubtedly the best guarantee for the sustainability of our activity and the best way to contribute to the construction of a fairer society.

Cooperating we are stronger.

Excellence is only possible from the agreement.
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